Tuesday, January 8, 2008

13th. Annual Critic's Choice Awards

The Critics Choice Awards took place yesterday, Jan. 7th., at the Santa Monica Civic Center. Emily was there to present the "Best Young Actor" award which went to Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada (omg! what a name!!) from and "The kite Runner" and "Best Young Actress" award which went to Nikki Blonsky from "Hairspray". If anyone had the chance to see her, she looked amazing. I leave you all some photos of her at the arrivals and on stage. Too bad they are tagged. For more photos un-tagged go here.

On the other hand apparently Zooey was there too. On the live blog at VH1 site they mentioned her over the red carpet.
8:30: Zoey Deschanel doesn’t know what her fave movie is. She needs to get out more.

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