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Sea Shepherd Benefit (May 30th)

More here. Credit goes to London4ever @ livejournal.

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2009 PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Alive

If you haven't already click here and vote for Emily.


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Emily @ The Bonnie Hunt Show


Part 1

Part 2

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Emily on The View (April 28), Good Day NY (April 29) and Jimmy Fallon (April 24h).


The View

Good Day NY Interview

Jimmy Fallon's interview used to be on YouTube, now it isn't anymore since NBC claimed copyright infrigment. You can watch the full episde on NBC's site here, though (unless you live outside the US...btw If anyone has the interview let me know!)

Also check out this Internet Personality Test she did while being there. And talking about social networking sites, Hart Hanson (Bones creator) said on his twitter two days ago that "Emily does NOT maintain a MySpace page. Any updates you're getting there are fakes. Same with Facebook." So there you go, refuted by Hart & Emily herself!

"Serious Moonlight" Premiere (April 25)

You can see more pictures of her at this event here.

TFI Awards Ceremony (April 24th)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Conference Call Interview with Emily

Okay so, this interview contains LOTS AND LOTS of Spoilers about the up coming season finale (Airing May 14th.) I suggest that if you don't want to know anything, then better not read it. There are a few non-spiler questions too, here they are:

Q: Now in the past two weeks, the show has been on Mondays, on Wednesdays, and on Thursday. Can you talk about the fans of the show and the loyalty to it, even with the constant schedule changes?

Emily: It’s incredible. I mean, we did better on an unscheduled night without a lot of promotion than the show that normally is there, and then even on our regular time slot, so I think it’s frustrating for a lot of people. Just friends of mine have said they didn’t know when the show was on. My grandparents were very confused. You don’t have to be in your 90s though to be confused by this timing, but I think they’re trying to make it up because we got postponed because it was like a chain reaction from an Obama press conference that happened, and I think they’re trying to make it up to us, but it did confuse a lot of people because people thought, oh, we’re on Monday nights now and not on Thursday nights, and we’re used to being bumped around.

But I think it says a lot about our fans and viewers who follow us from night-to-night, even in the same week, and we’re just so grateful for such loyal fans. If we didn’t have them, we would never have survived because we’ve been moved around so many times. It’s kind of ridiculous to think about, so we owe it to our loyal viewers that have stuck around from one night to another and made us even more successful on unscheduled nights, so it feels pretty good to have those kind of loyal followers.

Q: I was wondering about your personal life. Do you see any common traits with your character, so to speak?

Emily: You know, I think the characters kind of seep into you sometimes. I’ve gotten more particular about things and my attention to detail has become stronger. If you asked Hart, the creator of the show, he would say that I’m the least like my character of anyone on our show, and I think that’s probably true.

I think I’m very different from my character. I’m certainly not as intelligent as she is. I’m a little more personable and able to have conversations with human beings, which she struggles with. But I think if you see David Boreanaz and myself kind of interacting while we’re filming, you will see a lot of similarities in Booth and Brennan. We very much have the kind of brother/sister/married couple/Booth and Brennan type. We’ll kind of talk back and forth with each other and bicker sometimes in a very loving way. We have a great kind of repartee going that kind of mirrors the characters that we have.

And I’d say that I get very focused on my work like she does. I understand kind of losing yourself in your work. I understand - you know, I can relate to anything that she does. It’s just that maybe it’s not as strong in my personality as it is in hers.

Q: Have you continued to resist visiting a real morgue and still have never been in the presence of a real dead body? And do you think you’ll ever give in on that front?

Emily: Yes, the status the still the same, I have never been to a real morgue.

I’ve never seen a dead body in my life, and just to fill anyone in, I chose not to do that. I didn’t - I knew that it would affect me. I’ve never … a dead body, and an actor told me that he went to the morgue when he was researching a part and it really affected him negatively, and I believe in using your imagination as an actor, and that’s the greatest tool we have. And my character is supposed to be very at ease with dead bodies, and so I didn’t want to risk changing that and feel all of a sudden uneasy, and so I chose not to go to the morgue, and I still have not been to a morgue.

You know, the forensic consultant who works on our show, Donna, she is always trying to get me to go either to the morgue or, I don’t know, go meet with some medical examiner. I met with a medical examiner, but that’s not really what my job is. I’ve met forensic anthropologists before, of course, but I’ve never seen them at work. I bet before we finish the show, in the end, I’ll end up going to one of these things, but we’ll see. You know, it’s like, once I start filming, I’d almost be open to it now on some level because I don’t think it would affect me as negatively as it would have in the past, but I’m so used to seeing fake dead bodies, but you just add the smell to it, and that’s all you do.

But who knows. It’s hard when we’re working because we work such long hours, and my weekends get filled up with a lot of different press things, etc., so maybe during a hiatus I’ll go, but we’ll see. Anyway, that’s my answer for you.

Q: Do you think that there’s going to be more big travel episodes like the London shows in future seasons? And, if so, if you had your choice, where would you want it to be, like maybe your favorite travel destination or just someplace that you’ve wanted to visit but never have?

Emily: I’d love to go to Morocco or Egypt. I think those would be appropriate places for Brennan to be at a dig, and then Booth has to come over because I suspect that there’s a fresh murder that we find or something like that, and I just have always wanted to go to those places, so I guess that would be a cheap vacation for me. But it’s not up to me. But other places have been discussed like Spain and France. I think it would really depend on what kind of stories they could create, and it would have to be a place where we’re popular, where people watch us a lot, so we’ll see.

Q: And this season, you’ve had the device of having recurring people rotating through in Zack’s position, kind of that rotating. What’s that been like, even just as a device for you to have a new actor that you’re kind of working with not always consistently? What’s that been like on the set?

Emily: I’ve been enjoying it. As hard as it is to see Eric and Zack go, I have been enjoying the way that they’ve done it because I love that they have a new dynamic every week. Of course, we rotate, so we’ll see the same ones here and there, but I’ve been enjoying that. You know, you have a character, the wacky character of Daisy who wants to be like Brennan, and is so kind of bubbly and kooky, that I just love. And then you have the character of Fischer who is kind of suicidal, and just negative about life in general and just can’t see the bright side of things. Then you have Vincent Nigel-Murray, the English - kind of the neurotic English young grad student who likes to state facts when he gets nervous. You know, it’s a great, different dynamic. It’s great to have all these different dynamics every week and to play against them, so I’ve been enjoying that, as sad as it’s been to not have Eric and the character Zack around. I’ve been enjoying that.

Q: Do you think we’ll see a resolution to that? Will Bones finally hire someone permanently, or do you see this kind of as a device that goes into next season?

Emily: I think, eventually, but I think they’re enjoying this right now, and it probably will continue to next season, as far as I know, because I think they’ve been enjoying it so much, and having the different, you know, rotating the different people, and it’s been working well, and people have been enjoying it. So I think they’ll continue that. But I think there’s a limit to how long you can do that, I suppose, so we’ll see. I don’t know where that limit lies, but I guess we’ll find out.

Well, they were more than 'a few.' If you want to read the full interview you can check it out at Searching Bones.

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Rory Freedman interviews Emily about her work with different charities.

Speaking of Rory Freedman (check my last post) I forgot to post this little interview she made to Emily a cuple of weeks ago.

Curious enough they talked about Emily's favourite causes...which I did too here back in February. And I'm not done with it, I have yet to post the 2nd and 3rd parts!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emily Deschanel and Rory Freedman Fantasize About Their Dream Earth Day Date!

Fun interview with Emily & Rory Freedman (author of "Skinny Bitch") about their perfect friend date for Earth Day.

Emily Deschanel (Bones) and Rory Freedman (Skinny Bitch) are BFF’s, and one of their common bonds is their love of animals and the earth (and of course GirlieGirl Army). We asked them what their perfect friend date would be in celebration of Earth Day, and this is what they told us;

Rory Freedman:B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bones! Boner, you’d drive, since you have a Prius. Bring those 80’s CD’s I gave you so we could sing our little vegan hearts out. First stop: trapeze school on the Santa Monica pier! It’s one version of man-made fun that doesn’t leave any carbon footprint. You swing around in the air confronting your fear of heights and bodily harm. It’s an amazing workout where you get to be outside, enjoy the fresh air, see the ocean, feel young, and get manhandled by hot guys. When we’re done playing Circus of the Stars, we can go stuff our faces at Golden Mean Cafe, the new vegan spot in Santa Monica that’s all the buzz. The food is ridiculously good, there’s an upstairs mediation/reading room, the space is really Zen (the walls are infused with crushed quartz crystal, selenite, mica, gold, and incense), and the owner and head chef couldn’t be sweeter.

Emily Deschanel: Ooh I can’t wait! I’ve been dying to do trapeze school, and I haven’t been to that restaurant yet!! You know we both love vegan food!!! I wonder what the crystals in the walls will do for us.. We’ll probably feel all centered and new-age-y. We can then take a stroll to work off our huge meal with a little retail therapy stop at Hidden Treasures Vintage clothing store in Topanga canyon. It’s located in what looks like a pirate’s house. When I was in high school, my friend Echo found a dress there and the tag said “free.” How many stores do you know that give away clothes?? Buying vintage will take less of an environmental toll. After that, we can drive down to the beach, slap on some Jurlique sun block, put on our sun hats, maybe put up a huge umbrella(don’t want wrinkles or skin cancer) throw down our Nandina pool lounge towels made from bamboo and organic cotton (they dry quicker than regular towels, and are made of a renewable resources) and hang out reading magazines (of course we will donate them to a women’s shelter when we are done). Maybe participate in a beach clean up with Heal The Bay.

Rory: Oh, soooo fun! Although I’m not gonna lie: I’m gonna want to get a little sun. But just a little. As far as the magazines go, VegNews is a must. And of course wondering if we’ll have a copy of Health Magazine with that GORG cover you just did!!! I was at a nail salon in NYC when I first saw it and was so excited! Beautiful pics and great interview! Was so proud of my girl! Now, this is probably too ambitious but, if we have any energy left after trapeze, the feeding frenzy, shopping, and beaching, we can try surfing lessons from the sweet dames at Surf Like a Girl. We’ll play it by ear. We will, however, be planning in advance for our hydration needs. Obvs, we’ll be drinking the good stuff AND revering Mother Earth by drinking water from our resuable stainless steel water bottles. Enough is enough with plastic water bottle bullshit, already. Getting a resuable bottle is s uch a simple, easy, cheap way that everyone can make a big diff. BTW: While at the beach, we’ll have to call our other soul sister, ChloĆ©, and continue to beg her to move to LA to be with us. Three Libras togeths…could you die?!

Emily: Thanks, Ror! I always love reading your column in VegNews. Best mag ever!! Always wanted to learn to surf. Let’s do it!! Of course we’ll have energy! When ChloĆ© agrees to move over to the Left coast, we can pack up our matching Matt & Nat bags (I am not kidding, we have matching bags! A very generous gift from the bitch herself) and head back to my place for a vegan potluck with our fabulous friends . Some wine and Dr. Cow cheese. We can even dine in candlelight to save energy (very romantic). We love A Scent of Scandale. candles, Roll in the Hay scent!

Rory: Um, hullo?! Don’t forget…it’s a vegan potluck AND game night with our magical friends! Our friends just better hope we’re not on the same team…the Bitch and the Boner…unstoppable!

Emily: So true. So true.

Source: The Girly Girl Army

Emily Deschanel's All About Animals and the Environment

"We couldn't think of a better person to feature smack-dab in the middle of "Meat's Not Green" week than Emily and, luckily, she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions."

What made you decide to go vegan? In high school, a teacher screened the documentary "Diet for a New America" based on the book of the same name. It exposes the dirty business of factory farms: the cruelty that the animals experience, the dangers of a meat-based diet to your health, and the devastating environmental impact. I decided to go vegetarian on the spot with the intention to go completely vegan when I was ready. It took me two years. I've never looked back.

Read full interview and watch her vegetarian testimonial here at PETA's MySpace blog.

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Emily in Japan (2008)

Thanks to J for all this pictures from when Emily went to Japan and promoted Bones!

You can see all 28 pictures at Emily News community gallery at LJ.

And also this video from the interview, which in my opinion could have been better. Poor Emily there waiting for the translation of the never-ending questions! :-P

Venice - Chris Anthony Exhibition (March 28)

...In Anthony's "Venice," people brush their teeth with bottled water as waves roll behind them, play tennis, ride bikes and dance while holding Venetian carnival masks. The models -- including actors Emily Deschanel and Jacinda Barrett, artist Mercedes Helnwein and musicians Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Lyn-Z (Mindless Self Indulgence) -- wade through a knee deep sea, appearing like miniature figures against the vast expanse of water and sky that surrounds them.

Read the full article here at LA Weekly.

The pieces she modeled for.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bones behind the scenes videos.

And these two are from "The Fire in the Ice" behind the scenes. (I couldn't find them on YouTube, the links are from the FOX ON DEMAND site.)

One & Two.

Bones' Bloopers Season 4

Yup half late again.

4x15 "The Princess and the Pear" + 4x16 "The Bones that Foam"

4x17 The Salt in the Wounds

Keep them coming, FOX!

Organic Living with Emily Deschanel (w/ Scans!)

Sorry for taking so long to post this! This is I think one of the best interviews I've read. It's focused on her, no Bones in it, and the interviewer was great at linking her answers to the next question.

It’s one thing to talk the eco-friendly talk. But as Bones star Emily Deschanel climbs out of her Prius, it’s clear that this is a woman who also walks the walk. Although her character, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, is a buttoned-up anthropologist focused on the small, crime-solving details in life, Emily, 32, sees the much bigger picture.

Are there any ways you wish you could be more green?
Well, I want to do solar panels on my house. I think it’s important to speak up for the environment because the Earth is not saying something. [Laughs.] I mean, it is, but it is saying things to us in its own way. It makes a big difference to recycle. It makes a big difference to use recycled products. It makes a big difference to reuse things, to not use the paper cup—and each time you do, that’s a victory. (...)

When and where do you feel happiest?
When I’m surrounded by my friends and family. Around the holidays I had some friends over, and we were in my dining room eating food, drinking wine, and sharing stories. I love looking at a beautiful sunset, too … and that sounds so cheeseball! But I like to be surprised by a sunset, I guess, when you never expect it.
Read the entire interview...

Scans thanks to Traciebee @ LiveJournal.

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TV Guide Video from the PhotoShoot

Oh, yes. Thank you TV Guide. VERY MUCH.

...Like it?

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Jewelry used at the Vanity Fair Party

As reported by La Estrella, "Emily Deschanel, (...) chose Moonlight necklace and Cobblestones's ring and earrings from the Diane Von Furstenberg collection by H. Stern" to use at the Vanity Fair's Oscar After Party this past February 22nd.

Hans Stern is a Brazilian rising brand who's jewels are often seen adorning the famous necks and wrists of national and international celebrities.

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