Friday, August 29, 2008

Bones S4 Promos!

Yes! Finally! Yay! Less than a week for the premiere, it was time for them to release the pictures.

She looks A-MA-ZING! Love the inclusion of the doggy there and David's shoe less foot LOL, always showing his striped socks.

Thanks to 206 bones for the pictures.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little bit of history...

Google is a wide wide place. And this is the result of boredom + curiosity. A French site has Emily's biography up, and it's interesting what it says in it.

She may be a very rare great-granddaughter of France's 11th president Paul Eugène Louis Deschanel. Crazy huh?

Paul was the son of Emile (!) Deschanel and was born at Brussels, blah blah a lot of history, he starts his presidency on February of 1920 but seven months later he resigned because of his increasing senile dementia. As Emily said on an interview, she knows about his history and everything buy they are no more than distant related. Although her grand father was a French engineer and emigrated to the US where he married an American woman with whom he had Caleb Deschanel (Emily's dad), he was raised under her Quaker religion and his dad died when he was a teenager.

It is also revealed in don't miss's site that her family is from Lyon and she often goes to it, but as I read in another interview (to which I don't have the link right now) she hasn't returned to France in almost 10 years. So...I guess that it's not that often that she goes.

Emily's biography @
Paul Eugène Louis Deschanel @ Wikipedia
Caleb Deschanel @ wikipedia

Monday, August 25, 2008

Article on Ecorazzi about Emily and Green With Glamour

“My number one place to buy gifts is Green with Glamour, but I never can resist getting several things for myself as well. It’s wonderful to know that you can be eco-friendly, ethically sound, and not have to scrimp on style. They do all of the whittling away, so you are only browsing the creme de la creme. It makes shopping so easy! From eco fashion to beautiful furniture, GWG has everything I could possibly want (or need).”

To that end, Deschanel has selected five products she loves. From wallpaper to lamps to a skeleton pillow. That’s right. A skeleton pillow. Remember, this is the same chick starring on Fox’s hit drama called Bones. Feeling it?

(Read more...)

So, if you want to know what products did she chose, please click here.

And this is what Green With Glamour has to say about Emily:

"She’s gifted, gorgeous, and oh-so-green! And please let us tell you, we’re absolutely thrilled to have her as a client & contributor to Green with Glamour™."

"...Also a strict vegan, Ms. Deschanel is a living example of the fact that a mindful, modern existence can also be completely chic… proving that she is definitely “green with glamour!”"

We asked Emily to list a handful of causes that she holds near & dear… please be sure to check out the efforts she supports:

(Read more...)

Emily talks about 'Bones' S4 premiere

A little interview from when they were in London shooting S4 "Yanks in the UK" premiere for Bones. You can say it has spoilers so If you don't want to know nothing about it don't see it. She also talks a little about her year in London when she was a child.

And here the b-roll/behind the scenes of London shootings. Again, it contains spoilers so avoid it if you don't want to know absolutely anything about it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emily & Eric @ HIH 3 (August 16)

Or should I say...Cher? :D

In HIH blog this is what they said about their performance "Emily Deschanel and Eric Millegan traded in their Bones lab coats for some polyester duds in a humorous Sonny and Cher homage (Eric, what heppened to your 'stache?)."

I'm dying to see a video. It's oh, so unfair!

This was on Saturday, sorry for the late update, a couple of things had got in the way but, here I am.

Emily, no words. She looked totally amazing in that purple/bluish dress, her hair down and as always with that gorgeous smile of hers. Anyway, take a look for yourself,

Want more? has a great gallery.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Japan Today Interview

The interview itself doesn't tell much, but it has a beautiful picture of Emily (of course, who would it be in the picture if not?). The Japan Bones' fans will get the Third Season in October 3rd through FOX.

American actress Emily Deschanel was in Tokyo recently to promote her TV drama “Bones.”

Now we know where she was all this time. Maybe that's why she didn't went to the Comic-Con. Maybe she was still in Japan.

Thanks to OWB for the heads-up. And
by the way, some changes for the blog will be coming soon...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Farm Sanctuary Gala for Farm Animals vid (May 17)

And searching YouTube I found a video of Emily's appearance at the Farm Sanctuary Gala for Farm Animals back in May 17. She presents next to Rory Freedman the "Outstanding Activist for Farm Animals" award to Karen Dawn, author of "Thanking the Monkay: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals".

She looks taller than I ever thought in this video. Really.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where's Emily?

So, we all know there Where's Wally dynamic, right? The other day I was bored, and going through the gallery of, if I'm not mistaken. I was looking at Chris Anthony's "Victims & Avengers" event pics from last year when I came across this particular one. So I thought, why not? There's not much going on here so... here we go:

Click the pic for a better view or Click here to see the answer.

Have fun, it's pretty easy. Let me know what you think! it's always nice to have some feedback, and to hear from you all that read this little corner on the web ;) And no, I'm sorry there's no prize, it's just for fun.

Monday, August 4, 2008

2008 Veggie Awards

Emily is nominated for "Favorite Vegan Ccelebrity" along with 15 more people (Jorja Fox, Alicia Silverstone, Joaquin Phoenix, Forrest Whitacker, Tobey McGuire, and more...).

Go and cast your vote NOW! here, it's long but totally worth it ;)

Remember she appeared in VegNews cover back in August 07', refresh your memory and see the scans: