Sunday, January 13, 2008 Interview + promoting video.

This interview is from a while ago. Around September, when the video came out.

Do you support other organizations as well?

Emily: Yes. I am involved with a few animal charities. most closely with Farm Sanctuary (a wonderful sanctuary for farm animals), the Humane Society as well as PETA.

GoodSearch: As a celebrity, what can you do to help raise awareness for these causes?

Emily: Well, I hate the idea that people listen to a celebrity more than someone who has a normal job, but that's the reality of our culture and i think one of the great gifts of having success in my business is the ability to reach a large number of people. And you can use that opportunity to raise awareness about certain issues and causes. But I am also a huge fan of grass roots technique. just tell a few people and they will tell a few more...anyone can make a difference

GoodSearch: What nonprofit do you think your character on Bones would support?

Emily: I think Brennan would probably be involved with a charity that helps foster kids in this country. I haven't done my research yet on those charities. Brennan was a foster child herself. We've done a couple episodes about the foster system.. a lot of kids get lost or abused. I think that would be close to her heart...

GoodSearch: If you had to give a reason why people should use GoodSearch on behalf of their favorite cause, what would it be?

Emily: I'm telling everyone I talk to: people are going to search the internet anyway, why not feel good about it and help a charity along the way?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

13th. Annual Critic's Choice Awards

A video from her appearance. She almost laugh in the middle of her speech.

13th. Annual Critic's Choice Awards

The Critics Choice Awards took place yesterday, Jan. 7th., at the Santa Monica Civic Center. Emily was there to present the "Best Young Actor" award which went to Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada (omg! what a name!!) from and "The kite Runner" and "Best Young Actress" award which went to Nikki Blonsky from "Hairspray". If anyone had the chance to see her, she looked amazing. I leave you all some photos of her at the arrivals and on stage. Too bad they are tagged. For more photos un-tagged go here.

On the other hand apparently Zooey was there too. On the live blog at VH1 site they mentioned her over the red carpet.
8:30: Zoey Deschanel doesn’t know what her fave movie is. She needs to get out more.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

TV GUIDE Jan. 2008

TV GUIDE Magazine issue of January has a special report of Thanks Giving with some FOX stars that went to kindergartens to read and deliver toys to kids up to 5th. grade. Emily was there as you can appreciate in the lovely scan. Wish I could be on of those lucky kids.

Anyway, I hope you all had some great holidays. This 2008 had just begun and let's wish that the WGA strike finds it's way to a happy ending. Cause we all want to see Emily back in the screen with brand new Bones Episodes right?