Friday, January 2, 2009

'Bones' S3 Photoshoot


Because 2009 is here (happy New Year everyone!!), and because I miss Bones way too much I'm posting these few pics I found at Bones' oficial site on Fox Spain of the S3 Photoshoot. A couple I've seen them before but the rest...nah-uh. Like the pretty one above.

PD. Gracias a Alba!! Juntas somos el E.T.D.B. (Equipo Transatlántico de Búsqueda) ;)


Unknown said...

q geniales q somos, lo encontramos todoo! Sea dia o noche, haga frio o calor, llueva o truene nada detendra a E.T.D.B, nada se les esconde.
beso sofi ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks :D I haven't seen some

ForensicMama said...

I've only seen the second one of ED & DB! Thank you for posting these! ;)