Monday, September 1, 2008

Blog Announcement

I'm leaving on Wednesday on a trip to Spain, for approximately 1 month and a half, maybe more. I'll not have a computer near me to update the blog and that's why I looked for someone to help me with the updates while I'm gone. Truth is I didn't want to put the blog on hiatus.

So any post from now on will be made by the awesome Kristi who volunteered to help me with this. Thank you once again!

And that's all, have a nice premiere night on Wednesday to all and, I hope that when I come back I'll see lots and lots of new things of Emily! By the way I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads and supports the blog :) I really love doing this even more knowing there is people who enjoy it too.

You can always leave a message if you'd like to see anything specific or if there's something you'd like to change or you think it would be better in some other way. Whatever you want to say. And just to state the obvious, no offenses please, it's stupid and will be deleted.

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