Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where's Emily?

So, we all know there Where's Wally dynamic, right? The other day I was bored, and going through the gallery of, if I'm not mistaken. I was looking at Chris Anthony's "Victims & Avengers" event pics from last year when I came across this particular one. So I thought, why not? There's not much going on here so... here we go:

Click the pic for a better view or Click here to see the answer.

Have fun, it's pretty easy. Let me know what you think! it's always nice to have some feedback, and to hear from you all that read this little corner on the web ;) And no, I'm sorry there's no prize, it's just for fun.


Elance said...
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Elance said...

Sofi yo también me aburro y me gusta el juego.
Emily está en la parte derecha de la foto, más bien por abajo y le tapa la cara una chica rubia de pelo largo.

Lo que de verdad me gustaría saber es dónde está en la vida real aparte de grabando Bones que dijo Hart que empezaban el día 4. Porque no se la ve desde el All Star Party

kath said...

i spotted her... no cheating... :D i swear... proud of it.. lol