Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free Radio (Download)

Here is the .zip with the two videos of Emily @ Free Radio last night. Don't pay attention to the 2 subtitles files that are in it. They are the spanish subtitles to the videos for the people here in Argentina and Latin America ;)

Enjoy, it is pretty hilarious.


Click >here< to download.


Temperance Rose said...

love the interview, it's on youtube. Hey Sofi it's Temperance Rose off that just dissapeared over night! Drop me an email if you want, also I need to get back in contact with Hollywoodgirl, do you have her email?

Temperance Rose said...

by the way my emails :D

Sofi said...

I'm sorry for my late answer!! I added you to my msn :) so we can chat and I'll give you Hollywoodgirl's myspace ;)