Monday, December 10, 2007

That Night Photos

First two black and white photographs are from the movie "That Night" (2005). In which Emily did the role of Annie. The third one is Emily in some kind of party. Not sure right now. I found them like a week ago and thought they were amazing and now I'm here sharing with you all.

If you would like to see a trailer of this movie just make a magical click here.

Special thanks for both three photographs to Sharon Watt, go and check her flickr account. It has some great photos.


Jennifer said...

I'm guessing that last photo is from a Hooker street party from her college days.

Sofi said...

You're right. I forgot that it could be.

Gandharvah said...

I want to download this movie "that night" do you have any idea where i can download it from? (torrent emule rapidshare, whatever..)

Sofi said...

Nope, I'm sorry. There's no way of downloading it. They sell the DVD but I know lots of people tried to buy it from the guys that produced it but there was no luck.